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TIENET Community Guidelines

TIENET Networks is a next-gen networking platform designed for people, groups, organizations, associations, institutes, and communities with whom we are directly or indirectly connected!  It provides real-time connections of an individual with their communities in personalize, smart, and effective way. 

TIENET Networks is a platform offering digital infrastructure and resources to the traditional communities and individuals with networking effect, to help them to grow, develop, and benefited with more opportunities.

TIENET Networks has established several policies and guidelines for TIENET communities in order to guarantee a pleasurable and active meeting experience for all TIENET users and we have been applying the policies to the entire TIENET services. Operation policy of tienet shall be known as community guideline and appsite guideline. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in complying with the policies so that everyone could pleasurably enjoy TIENET network since the service is subject to be restricted for those who do not follow the policies. The Community guideline will continue to be supplemented in response to your valued feedbacks and when a change takes place in the service to serve you better with a more reasonable policy.

1.0 Guidelines & Policies that the members must abide by

We need your consideration, understanding, and cooperation for creating an enjoyable environment for all TIENET users.

Please be sure to enter accurate information when signing up for TIENET Networks. Please be noted that entering false information or using other’s personal information during sign-up shall lead to a restriction on a service use. If a technical access/sign-up using a certain program is spotted, such access shall be restricted to secure a service quality and safety as well as to protect the TIENET members' personal information. Disposable accounts not for sustainable means of communication will be considered as abnormal information and may be put under limited service, so please check the information when registering or entering accounts.

We also ask you to notify of any change if there should be any change made to the information submitted during sign-up by immediately editing the profile information. We recommend you to register the connecting account especially before changing your mobile phone number or device to continue using the service as it was before. TIENET Networks will not be responsible for any disadvantages that you experience by failing to update the changes made. Host (Admin) or members who have not used the TIENET service for a certain period of time after sign-up shall be faced with measures including restricting all or part of the authority granted to the member according to TIENET Community Guideline. In addition, basic management of posts and information is the responsibility of the Host (Admin) and writer, and TIENET service does not guarantee any backups.

You can become closer with acquaintances through active invites and content production activities in TIENET. However, indiscriminate invitations or ill-considered promotional activities will cause unpleasant experiences for other TIENET members. If your invitation is reported by another user, your invitation activity as well as the use of TIENET service could be restricted for a certain period of time. Please also note that invitations which are unanswered for a certain period of time could be withdrawn. In addition, in the case TIENET users are discomfited via promotional activities, the individuals who ran the promotional activities and the entire TIENET itself may be suspended. Therefore, you are obliged to limit any excessive use of invitations or excessive promotional contents in order to avoid restrictions on service use. Furthermore, uploading repeated contents to multiple locations or contents defaming/slandering a specific individual, related to illegal materials or illegal activity could also be deleted. In case the content is suspended, the member who produced this content will be restricted from use of the TIENET service for a certain period of time. We would really appreciate it if you could behave decently while engaging in conversation on each theme so that the TIENET where you are participating could continue to prosper.

2.0. Guidelines & Policies that the TIENET Network Hosts (Admins) should abide by

Creating a TIENET COMMUNITY is making another space for communication, for the members who share the same interest. If you contemplate the purpose of the TIENET that you wish to open, it will guarantee a pleasurable experience for all of your TIENET members.

Only the Hosts (admins) will be granted with an authority to manage members, delete or hide content, activate/deactivate each feature of their TIENET Networks, designate co-admins and shut down the TIENET Networks. We carefully ask our fellow TIENET Networks admins to demonstrate your sensibility in utilizing the TIENET that you are operating suitable for each given characteristic since only the admins will have the access to control the entire TIENET activities, unlike other general members. Co-admins serve as the administrator playing the partial role of the admin including deleting post/comments and member withdrawal for a seamless operation of TIENET Networks. The scope of authority that the co-admin possesses as well as the number of co-admin shall vary according to a decision made by each TIENET Host (admin).

Please remember that there are some restrictions regarding inputs or edits of TIENET Network name/description/address that make up the basis of a TIENET. Only Host (Admin) has right to make some changes related to TIENET Network name/description/address. TINET creates a unique ID for each network and appsite which will remain unique for ever and Host (Admin) will not be able to change it. If there needs to be a name or description alteration of a TIENET Network that operates over five thousand members you must send the request changes directly to TIENET team, and only in case the same category of the TIENET name/description we review the changes once within six months. Additionally, permission to use the TIENET name and address can be revoked immediately at the request of companies and organizations owning various rights, such as trademark rights, and the name and description of the TIENET in question can be initialized. Furthermore, the TIENET Network that has a period of inactivity will be classified as a dormant TIENET Network and a member capable of creating contents will work as a co-admin with the existing admin and the TIENET Network’s address can be reclaimed and initialized.

Your precaution is also required when the Host (admin) has set the TIENET Network to be exposed in the search result. Non-members may view the contents or leave Shouts on posts in a public TIENET Network that can be previewed while searching. In addition, public TIENET Network s and their contents may be exposed in TIENET search results as well as that of NAVER. As such, if the TIENET is public then it can help create an active TIENET Network by recruiting various members to post contents. However, publicity settings should be considered carefully since the contents may be exposed unintentionally. When setting the Network or its name as public, you can set the member recruitment option to require manager approval in order to prevent problems from unknown members joining the TIENET.

TIENET Network Hosts(Admins) shall not collect or sell members' personal information without a prior approval from the members under any circumstances. If the admin processes members' personal information when operating a TIENET Network of which the purpose is product sales or group purchase, the admin shall notify the information holder in prior of the list of collected information, purpose of collection, retention period, the right to deny the collection of personal information and the disadvantage accompanied with such denial in a clear manner and ask for consent from the member. The admin shall be responsible for the situation resulting from violating such obligation to notify.

Admin possesses responsibility to manage contents and members. Admin shall monitor the contents at all times to filter any contents and documents banned by Terms of Use or Community Guideline. Admin may block a member if he or she is found to be inappropriate for being part of the TIENET Network and takes all the responsibilities accompanied with such action. If a member has committed an action that violates Terms of Use/Community Guideline and law, the admin shall bear responsibilities thereto initially and if no other measure is taken despite the correction request and warning from TIENET Network service, the admin shall forfeit its privileges or be restricted with service use. If the admin is unable to continue his/her normal activity within TIENET Network, the TIENET service may retrieve the admin privileges according to Community Guideline and transfer such right to another member in TIENET Network. Private TIENET Networks may be suspended depending on the TIENET’s privacy policies or contents details if there is a user report.

Should a transaction take place in TIENET Network, the admin shall take all the responsibilities in operating and managing contents regarding transaction and shall abide by the related legislation. In case the admin fails to fully abide by the related consumer protection regulations as well as TIENET Community Guideline while involving in online shopping and sales activity, the admin could be faced with restrictions on one's use of the service. TIENET Networks never asks for any transactions or online transaction related user info.

3.0. Transfer of admin rights

Depending upon the types of community and it’s legal formation, if the admin has only specific time to perform his duty, his / her account can be transferred to the successor based on the request made by admin and sub-admin. Such request shall be sent via email to

In case the admin is unable to access TIENET Network due to unforeseen matters or in case of death, admin delegation will proceed. If the death of the admin is confirmed with a death certificate or if there is no TIENET access record of admin (for three months for TIENETs with Co-Admins, and one month for TIENETs without Co-Admins), admin authority will be given to a member chosen by the opinions of the TIENET members.

4.0. Contents in accordance with Community Guidelines for TIENET Networks

To provide seamless service for users, TIENET may monitor contents registered to the service and conduct further action without notice if contents violate TIENET Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or Community Guideline.

4.1 Contents that fall under the category of use restriction reason

  • Content that shows male/female sexual organs or depicts relating contents in vulgar manner.
  • Content that contains images of clothed people where an emphasis is placed on the male/female sexual organs or where the sexual organ’s outline or curves are revealed due to close range photography.
  • Content that includes images of unclothed or overexposed private parts, or images of people wearing transparent clothes, leading to the display of bare skin.
  • Content that directly portrays sexual activities or masturbation.
  • Content that portrays children or teenagers as subjects of sexual entertainment.
  • Content that provides a detailed description of inhumane sexual activities, including adultery or incest, or portrays such information for the sake of arousing the interest.
  • Content that portrays illegal sexual activities such as prostitution to be a lawful act.
  • Content that provides a link to other websites that contain obscene contents.

4.2 Distribution of contents inappropriate for minors

  • Content that includes images that disgust others such as that of a corpse or a link to such images
  • Content that mediates activities that are not tolerated by social ethics, including swapping or co-habit
  • Content that includes brutal images including blood-stained scene or actions causing bodily harm
  • Content that contains contents undermining traditional family ethics such as injury, assault and murder of family members
  • Content that contains detailed information on how to make drugs that are harmful to minors and mediates and encourages the dosage, manufacture and use of such drugs
  • Content that may encourage unwholesome relationships to minors or mediate such relationships
  • Dissemination of illegal contents
    • Content that glamorizes, recommends and encourages illegal activities
    • Content that glamorizes or provokes decadent activities, such as sexual abuse or drug taking
    • Content that solicits or suggests, induces or mediates others to commit murder
    • Content that depicts or glamorizes sex assault, including sexual violence, rape and gang rape graphically or in great detail
    • Content that seeks targets for or mediates sexual activities, including prostitution, cyber-sex or explicit sexual dialogue
    • Content that guides to, or mediates users to obscene information or locations to adult entertainment establishments
    • Content that contains illegal information on social security number generators, credit card generators and/or item generators
    • Content that sells or publicizes illegal products to users
    • Content that includes pictures of parts of other people’s bodies that were taken against their will and which may lead to sexual humiliation
    • Distribution of illegal hacking information or virus
    • Content that includes false or illegal information, such as illegal multilevel marketing activities and false reception
    • Content that provides links to other websites that contain illegal contents
    • Content that may lead to monetary transactions related to the human body, including the sales of ovum, organs or surrogate mothering
    • Content that glamorizes or recommends suicide, contains explicit descriptions of how to commit suicide and induces joint suicide
    • Contents that encourage speculation including ambling
    • Contents that include programs that impede users’ service environment, such as malicious codes or viruses, programs that interfere with the company’s business, such as search abusing, or those that recommend the installation or distribution of such programs
  • Sales/conciliation of items prohibited or restricted for telemarketing
    • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and psychotropic drugs and banned medicines
    • Guns, swords, explosives, spray guns, electroshock weapon, crossbow and simulated firearms that resemble actual firearms
    • Prescribed glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses
    • Electrical appliances or industrial products without safety certification mark that require safety certification, electrical appliances or industrial products without self-regulatory safety confirmation declaration mark that require self-regulatory safety confirmation declaration and goods without child-resistant packaging mark that require such mark
    • Pornography, media/drug/goods harmful to minors (however it is only applicable when such media/drug/goods harmful to minors is sold to minors)
    • Trademark infringement goods, the so-called 'fake' goods
    • Items violating copyright, portrait rights and name rights as well as unreviewed items
    • Military uniform and goods
    • Hazardous food, tainted meat and synthetic product made with unannounced chemicals
    • Health supplements and medical devices
    • Stolen or lost property
    • Endangered and protected wildlife, processed goods and wildlife capture tool
    • Items that related laws prohibit the sales thereof on the internet
  • Defamation
    • Contents violating privacy and portrait right of an individual
    • Slandering or distributing false information of an individual or group or when infringing upon the right thereof
    • Contents that defame a specific individual using curse or verbal violence or those that arouse displeasure
  • Impeding intellectual property rights
    • Duplicating, distributing and products of an individual’s intellectual activity, including broadcasting material, music, books, mobile games, and cartoon, without approval from the intellectual property rights owner
    • Contents that contains contents that incapacitates technical protection measures the intellectual property owner prepared to protect his/her rights, such as sharing program that automatically generates CD keys, bugs or hack programs
    • Contents that contain information that violates trademark rights, design rights or other rights owned by an individual without his/her permission
  • Other prohibition
    • Using the service for purposes that divert from the original purpose, such as abusing an error spotted while using TIENET, increasing the number of content/member abnormally or misrepresenting oneself as the TIENET administrator
    • Repeatedly uploading the mechanically formed pattern texts using program or uploading abnormal content by inserting specific keyword/phrase
    • Repeatedly entering contents such as letter of fortune, spams or promotional contents

5.0 Restrictions on use

5.1  Restrictions on contents

  • Delete contents to prevent other TIENET members from reading the reported contents
  • Exclude contents from being exposed to other TIENET members so that the contents restricted from use cannot be seen
  • Restriction on account
    • The user who has registered contents that violate Terms of Use as well as Community Guideline will be restricted from creating contents or accessing certain TIENET or the TIENET service for a certain period of time (depending on the level of account restriction, all of the payment details such as TIENET game/sticker/gift icon could be deleted).

5.3   TIENET search restriction or shut down

  • TIENET will be processed with search restriction or shut down if it is deemed that the user has subscribed to TIENET for unlawful purposes, if the abnormal increase in the number of content/member is detected, if the harmfulness posed to other users is considered to be significant or if the TIENET needs to be temporarily shut down to restrict user access due to a request made by investigative agency.

Other than the cases stipulated above, if a user poses undesirable effect to a sound use of TIENET service, the user will be restricted for using the service according to the TIENET Terms of Use. If such incident continues to occur repeatedly, please note that such action will be met with aggravated punishment.

This Community Guideline shall take effect from July 14, 2018.

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