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TIENET - Productivity Platform for Organization!

Workplace culture is a key driver for the company's growth. Managing people and their mindset is the most worrying issue, for manufacturing and service-oriented industries. Lake motivation and dealing with personal or workplace issues keeps employee unhappy and stressed.

“Nearly half the employees in India suffer from some kind of stress, according to the findings of the latest survey by Optum, shared exclusively with ET. The survey was conducted among 800,000 employees in 70 large companies, each with a minimum workforce of 4,500. 

Another survey, conducted by, showed that the proportion of workers at high risk of suicide due to unmanaged stress has grown to 8% of all counseling cases in 2018 from 2-4% two years ago.”

Source: Economic Times, Jun 26, 2018

Addiction to social media is another key issue related to stress, unhappiness, and employee's productivity. This also led towards employ?s retention and associated cost-related issues. With conventional methods cost associated with education and training is very high for big companies. This is the most common and complex issue as on today, that most of the company, business or organization is facing!

Employee’s Personal and workplace issues vary from place to place and country to country. So with our dynamic platform, we are providing tailor-made service to the companies to design and develop their own workplace social network to boost the culture and productivity.

Technology disruptions can solve the world's most complex and unresolved issues in the smart and sustainable way. TIENET provides platform-based solutions to large-scale business industries and organizations (>500 employees) for employee engagement, feedback, motivation, learning, and productivity.  

TIENET is designed primarily for non-IT industries where an employee works in field, factory or offices, by considering their needs, education level and skills. The way social media engage and influence the mindset of the people, TIENET is designed to boost company's growth-oriented culture with communication management, motivational & educational content, smart feedback mechanism, and employee reward recognitions system.

TIENET provides a platform and a bunch of services that organization can select as per their category and needs. Multilevel admin control helps the organization to organize information, communication and feature access as per their organizational structure. Apart from communication, an engaging user with feedback and survey, learning and motivational content and integrated rewards & recognition is another aspect of boosting productivity.  

Engagement analytics is another important feature of the platform to help the organization to understand their employees from a different perspective on productivity. The flexibility of the platform to handle diversities in terms of the client?s need, for improving workplace culture and providing technology-enabled tailor-made solutions for that, are some of the unique things about TIENET.

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