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Manage members, groups, events, services and all activity updates by strengthening connection between club and their members.

Bring all members of the club on a single communication and networking platform TIENET to provide better experience to the members of club. Create more collaborative and participatory approach for various activities. Organize communication channels for management team, staff and members of the Activity Club.

Select modules that share information in an organized and channelized manner with people.

# About Club

Information about the Club, Activities, Vision, Mission, Philosophies and Membership guidelines.

# Management Team

Share information about the management team with Photographs, Personal Info and Designation.

# Notice Board

Post a notice or a circular about any scheduled event, meeting or activity and any other important information in any JPEG, PNG or pdf formats.

# Documents

Share any important documents in any of the major digital formats like PDF, DOCX, PPT, JPEG, PNG or any other format with the members.

# Video library

Make a video library of your Club and share videos which are useful for the community from learning or knowledge perspective.

# Magazine

Share interesting stories, articles and knowledge, monthly event flow or member achievements with your own community magazine with numerous editions.

# Events & Programs

Make announcements for upcoming events, meetings, functions and activities and share important news and coverage with all members of the association.

# Member Directory

Get all employees to know one another with a digital member directory for easy access.

# Rules & Regulations

Share common Rules and Regulations of the association with the members.

# Feedback and Opinions

Design feedback system or get opinion of the member on various business process, products or projects to make better choice for success

Build People first workplace culture with TIENET !