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Build people first culture in business / company or organization in aligns with business vision and values. Engage employees in meaningful business processes with valuable feedback and opinion. Make workplace culture more vibrant, inclusive and supportive to indirectly motivate employees as drivers of growth.

When business grow and scale, it becomes important to take care of communication and collaboration between employees, teams and management. TIENET helps businesses in multiple way to transform their workplace culture more productive. Organize information and communication amongst employee / member of the organization with smart plug and play features.

Module that can help business organization to become collaborative like..

# About Company

Information about the company - Vision, Mission and Philosophies and values.

# Notice Board

Post a notice or a circular about any scheduled event, meeting or activity and any other important information in any JPEG, PNG or pdf formats.

# News

Share important news and coverage with all the members of group.

# Video library

Make a video library of the organization and share videos which are useful for the community from learning or knowledge perspective and also from marketing or vote perspective.                                                                                   

# Magazine

Share interesting stories, articles and knowledge with your own community magazine with numerous editions.

# Events & Programs

Make announcements for upcoming events, meetings, functions and activities and share important news and coverage with all members of the association

# Alert

Send alert in case of any emergency situation to make all member informed

# Complaint

Manage all complaints of member in a smart and efficient manner with proper communication with the team and the members with a proper solution through discussions.

# Feedback and Opinions

Design feedback system or get opinion of the employee on various business process, products or projects to make better choice for success.

Build People first workplace culture with TIENET !