How Rethinking Internal Communication Can Help Your Business

As a leading OCCP (that is, Online Collaborations & Communication Platform), we believe that any organisation of the world can have robust communication.  We work with various business organisations to organise and manage their internal communication every now-and-then (actually often).

Working and analysing business organisations up close and personal, we have created three categories of communication approaches – Illusion Approach, one-way approach & cookie cutter approach.

But before we discuss the categories, let’s discuss the communication challenges.

Communication Challenges in The Digital Age

What can, possibly, go wrong with communication in the digital age? Here are some communication challenges existent today:

Lack of Proper Communication

Mostly, larger companies have many employees. Maintaining communication in all directions is a daunting task. Factors such as distance, lack of employee focus, remote workforce, etc. need a well-aligned communication infrastructure to help your organisation achieve its goals.

Often in larger organisations, employees are easily demotivated or deviate from the company objectives. Productivity among the employees decreases due to lack of communication. Many companies fail to track the path of the message from a sender to receiver.

Although businesses use tools for constant connectivity, this approach creates an illusion that communication has taken place. Thus, illusion approach results in discord among employees, implementation failures and productivity issues.

One Side Flow of Communication

Many organisations adopt a top-to-down flow of communication approach. While this type of communication has a significant role in the better implementation of decisions, it blocks the transparency and connectivity throughout the company.

When employees cannot actively participate in the communication process, the problem-solving culture of your company deteriorates.  Employees feel confused and develop their own goals that are not in alignment with the organisational goals.  According to an online study, two-way communication can improve individual performance by 30-50%.

If you have a top to down communication, you are in our category of one-way communication approach which results in a lack of loyalty and direction among employees.

Lack of Communication Style

While the world is growing digitally, many businesses are stuck with old modes of communication. Especially, non-IT companies. This creates delays and confusion. The problem with one style of communication is that businesses fail to differentiate between formal communication and informal communication.

This approach is known as a cookie-cutter approach. A single style of communication reduces the understandability of the message.

Too Many Tools to Handle

If you think having WhatsApp group, relying on emails or using other such communication tools has you all sorted, you are wrong. The problem is technology has created many tools for communication. Business thinks that adopting a few tools will solve communication issues. But that is not true.

Too many tools create confusion among employees. And instead of increasing productivity, they decrease productivity. Why? Because the employee has to divide his/her focus on communicating on different tools along with working.

How Can Tienet Help Your Business?

Firstly, we offer a single platform of communication that eliminates confusion among employees and allows them to focus more on work while they communicate.

We allow the whole organisation to connect using one platform facilitating multi-way communication. Our comprehensive communication solution creates the right amount of employee engagement. The Tienet Platform is diligently designed to stand out from other communication platforms offering better flexibility, engagement, productivity and connectivity.

According to research, about 60% of talented professionals will leave the company due to disengagement, stress, frustration and mismatch of goals caused by lack of internal communication. A HR study conducted in 2003 highlighted that companies with effective internal communication boosted employee turnover ratios 50% lower than the industry average.

Tienet solutions help in creating the right amount of engagement and involvement that inspires your employees and boosts their morale reducing your employee turnover and magnify your revenues. Want to know more about game-changing internal communication system, call us today!


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