Best way to Engage and empower employees with TIENET app

Human potential is by far the biggest asset to any organization and the most successful organizations are those that empower and engage employees. Businesses pull out all the stops in an effort to decode and get their act right in engaging employees. Among awards for best practices in HR, employee engagement ranks high, a striking testimony of the importance of employee engagement. The TIENET App offers impressive functionalities and features allowing organizations to engage as well as empower employees. Standout features include

Smart Communication – The simple interface is intuitive, permitting participants in a group chat to quickly communicate with each other and share information of various formats with a single touch/click.

Collaboration – The TIENET App drives cohesion and collaboration among groups of participants by intelligently looping employees with similar or overlapping interests and roles into groups for sharing relevant content and for requesting information.

Productivity – One of the natural outcomes of efficiency and collaboration is productivity. Employees who can swiftly seek information and collaborate with others are more likely to be more productive.

Group communication – Teams spread over different locations are often required to work together to complete projects. A simple and effective group communication tool, free from non-work related disturbances/noise will lend a sharper focus to the task on hand.

Organized communication – Structured processes and workflows mandate the need for organizing communication in a manner that is clear and coherent. File sharing needs to be in a specific sequence that makes sense to all participants in a group messaging platform. The TIENET App helps participants to have a single version of the shared information, dispensing with the need for sorting out the same.

Group message – Broadcasting updates, messages and CsTA (Calls To Action) to a large number of employees can be achieved in the shortest possible time, in a manner that is secure and can include special mentions for the attention of specific recipients.

Feedback & Opinion – Feedback and the opinions of employees are important to the narrative of employee engagement. The TIENET App offers the right platform for inclusivity, permitting employees to share their feedback and opinion either in the group or marked for multiple specific recipients.

Content management – Group communications often involve the sharing of information for use by participants during the discussion or at a later stage. TIENET App offers intelligent content management features that allow participants to share, store, receive and organize the content in a manner that is easy to retrieve and use.

Learning – Group communication platforms are powerful learning tools, offering induction and continuity training to new hires and existing employees who are assigned new roles and responsibilities.

Secure – The security of information shared within groups is of great importance and the TIENET App offers robust security, preventing entities outside the group from accessing the information, unless voluntarily shared by participants.

All metrics of performance indicate that employees perform better when empowered with the right kind of tools at the workplace. The TIENET App fosters productivity through empowered employees, and more importantly helps organizations to engage the employees better, building a workplace of motivated, efficient and supercharged employees.


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