People – The pivot in your workplace

At the heart of every enterprise or business is the human asset. Workplace Culture needs to not only acknowledge the irreplaceable role of employees, but there is also a very clear need to empower employees to maximize potential.

The feedback and insights from employees are a vital source of information, offering a first-hand account of issues that can help to make to mar the success of an organization.

Remove the guesswork from management and HR decisions

Information backed by critical and real-time insights from the people that matter lends an edge. TIENET’s insights equip Management and HR with feedback and analytics that power the best decisions.

Decisions in the workplace do not have the liberty of space for error – any decision has the power to impact various operational aspects in the workplace, either directly or indirectly.

Business dashboards to trigger performance

Information at a glance, with drill-down statistics through powerful visual representations, offer vital inputs that are motivating and optimizing. A peek at dashboards without the need for complex statistical workings helps employees understand comparisons and KPIs at a glance, driving and optimizing performance.

Quick reference of statistics, metrics, and charts creates a perspective that remains embedded, transforming into a back of the mind reminder.



Success – the natural outcome of good service

Success is a natural outcome of good service. This is a combination of human potential, technology at the disposal of enterprise and the processes in place.

A convergence of the three drives service to levels where success follows. Service is both client facing and employee facing – businesses need to take care of employees who will take care of the clients.

easy to collects employee feedback and opinion

Anything you want,we got it.

To stay ahead you need a new way to learn. Redefine organizational culture with people first approach, with TIENET smart features.

Group and Team Communication

Group Communication

Workflows now transcend borders and time zones. A powerful collaboration tool enables simplifies collaboration and communication among teams involved in the effort.

Collaboration and user engagement


Deliver a platform for smooth, seamless collaborative effort, permitting various stakeholders to quickly access, share and benefit from democratization of information

Feedback and opinion of employee or members

Feedback & Opinion

Effective and simplified platforms for expression of opinions and feedback foster greater loyalty among employees and contributes to better teamwork.

A complaint like Metoo, issue or grievance management

Grievance Management

Redressal of grievances are an important dimension that helps businesses to improve upon areas of weakness and identify possible lapses.

Motivation and learning content


Connect people with digital media learning resources within the platform to help them for improving their knowledge, skills, motivation, and learning.

Rules and Regulations of organization workplace or business

Rules and Regulations

Educate people with all workplace-related policies, rules, and regulations to make them informed and educated for better integrity in the organization.

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